Animal ranch

Discover the great bisons

Inside our park, the trails are really varied and all suitable for families with children, but a walk on the animal ranch is not to be missed.

The American bison

The greatest animals in North America have arrived on our ranch! Bison are characterized by an accentuated hump, short but sharp horns, a massive head and a dark brown fur. They are imposing animals, robust and able to adapt to all climates. Come and admire them in the park!


The donkey is patient, attentive, calm and loves human company.
His gentle, sociable and humble character makes him an ideal friend for children, and his ability to relate has made him an excellent therapist in helping children with social, emotional or mental difficulties.


Ponies attract attention because of their small and sweet appearance that inspires sympathy. They are extremely beloved by children and perfect for a walk in nature. The distinguishing features of these quadrupeds include physical endurance, ruggedness and restraint.
Meet our ponies inside Dinosaur World Transylvania park.


The alpaca is an animal little known in Romania but which has been making waves lately. Originally from South America, this year they came to our farm to bring joy to children and anyone who loves these cute fluffy animals.
They is an intelligent animal, with charisma and personality, funny and playful, so come to the park to meet them.

Fallow deer

Seeing deer always brings great enthusiasm, perhaps because it is very rare to admire them so closely. A unique and fascinating experience that allows you to get in touch with the nature of these extraordinary animals!

dwarf goats

A cute, playful and lively animal that quickly befriends children. They are intelligent, curious, lustful, they love to chew whatever gets in their way and to climb. Come and meet our dwarf goats.


Herbivorous animals characterized by an elegant posture, a wonderful mane and an extremely high ability to withstand intense physical exertion. A real value! Come see them in the park.


The rabbit is probably the best known rodent on the farm. Due to their tender and friendly appearance, rabbits are often adopted as pets.
Easy to tame, rabbits are herbivores, very fast and able to make very long jumps.


Sheep ranch

Visit the ranch with a flock of over 100 sheep.


Inside our park, the little ones can enjoy the company of gentle, cute and sociable animals by riding.
The tour takes place on a trail in the park with our reliable guide.


The tour takes place on a trail in the park with our reliable guide.


The tour takes place on a trail in the park with our reliable guide.