About us

About us and our vision

We started to lay the foundations of this family project, 5 years ago and our plan is a big and complex one that takes shape every day in this extraordinary place, the Valley of Dinosaurs near the village of Sibisel (Rau de Mori), Hunedoara.

We choose this place because it has a rich history behind it that must not be forgotten or lost. The first dinosaur fossils in Romania were discovered in this valley. It is something we should be proud of and make it known to the whole world.

The project of this park is grandiose and very dear to us and in the following lines we will try to give some details from behind the scenes.

We opened the Dinosaur World Transylvania park in August 2021 and we continue to work hard to develop and transform this park into a holiday village that stretches over an area of ​​tens of hectares with plain fields, forests, rivers, hills and mountains in sight… a paradise for lovers of the nature.

We invite you to this wonderful and meaningful place to create unique moments and beautiful memories with your loved ones.

In the land of Hațeg, a unique corner of nature, our location will be the ideal place where you can get rid of urban hustle. A refuge we need so much in today’s world and which will invigorate our body and soul.

The transformation has begun!

How will we transform this place and what will you find in it?

We are excited to inform you that we plan to set up a fishing pond as soon as possible and more precisely we will have trout.

Priority is also given to the accommodations we want to make available to you in various forms, whether they are in tents or glamping, in cottages, tree houses, earthen houses, equipped with all the necessary facilities.

We are also preparing a camping area for motorhomes that will have toilets, a kitchen, a dining room, saunas and swimming pools, a place for a campfire and much more.

At the same time we prepare weddings venues / baptisms and various events both indoors and outdoors tastefully decorated to enjoy the important moments in life.

Inside the park we will arrange sports fields and the availability of cycling on various mountain trails.

We will have different places to relax such as a spa & wellness center, swimming pools / jacuzzis and tubs because we know how important is the recreation and relaxation accumulated in such a chaotic and fast-paced world.

In the vicinity of the park, we will arrange an airsoft themed camp, with various activities for adrenaline lovers. This will be the starting point for the longest zip line that will cross the dinosaur valley.

So, we want this place to be unique, beautiful and pleasant from all points of view and to give you unforgettable moments, spent with your loved ones in this magnificent stop in Romania.

We have fallen in love with this place and we hope that this love and passion for these fabulous lands will reach you too.