Playgrounds for children

The fun is Guaranteed

Our park is ideal for children of all ages and for the whole family, as it offers a wide range of fun games and beautiful outdoor activity. For our brave little ones we have prepared interactive and only games that help the child in developing and strengthening the abilities, both physical and mental through fun and good cheer.

What will you find inside the park? Lots of games for toddlers, teenagers and adults. We have arranged special spaces, dedicated to fun activities for all family members.

log swing

game of throwing bags in buckets

Throwing rings at the target

competition in bags

throwing the ball at the target

Throwing game with colored bags

Ball ladder

ring throwing game

disc swing

sand playground

boat swing

wooden climbing wall

climbing on logs


slingshot with the ball

wooden swing

game X & 0

targeting the wheel

throwing game with the bar

small rope route

discover fossils

Inclined wooden walls

Wooden house

Giant table and chairs

Ball throwing game

Tree trunk climbing

Bowling pins tunnel